Thursday, 28 February 2013

Leave a Light On

Hubby & I have always been comfortable with sleeping in the dark.  We felt no need to leave any lights on in the house overnight.  For this reason we decided not to start putting one on overnight when the girls were born.

We went along quite nicely for 2 years before Freya suddenly developed a fear of the dark, so we started leaving the landing light on for her when she went to bed.  We'd then turn it off when we went to bed & everybody was happy.....until about a year ago.  Freya then started waking up in the middle of the night & asking us to put the light back on, so we just left it on all night (energy saving bulbs were a MUST!).  Abby has also picked up this fear of the dark, which became ever so apparent when we had a power cut recently - oh my goodness, the panic & terror that came from them both was awful.

The trouble is, now we find that the light disturbs us at night & we don't sleep very well at all.  Light bulb moment (get it?!!) - how about we get them both night lights for their bedrooms?  We've been looking around everywhere for months for plug-in night lights.  There were battery-operated ones everywhere that were quite cheap but we decided that the cost of batteries was probably not worth it.  The plug-in ones that we found seemed to be around £20-£30 each, which was not ideal when we had to buy two of them & we haven't really got a lot of extra money.  So, imagine our delight when we found some perfect lights in Ikea the other week.

The lights cost £6 each & we spent £4 on the energy-saving bulbs - £16 for two lights, we thought, was an absolute bargain!!!

Here's the one in Abby's room.....

We put it down a but lower so that she could switch it on & off herself.  Here it is when it's turned on....

Here is Freya's light....

and turned on....

These have been the perfect solution!  We haven't had to have the landing light on, so we have been sleeping a bit better, & the girls have had their lights on all night (sending a soft pink glow across the upstairs!).

The lights are plastic & I was a bit worried about them getting hot after being on for so long but I checked after the first night & they were not hot at all - phew!



  1. We had a similar thing with Little Son when he was small - he has one of those Ikea lights still in his room - a blue star - its done well - tis now at least 12 years old!