Thursday, 14 February 2013


Well, work on our dining room has now commenced with the whole room being stripped of its wallpaper yesterday.

Here's a few before photos:


 We were lucky enough that all of the furniture was left, so we've been able to make this into a "proper" dining room, unlike at our last house where we had a dining room/playroom.

As you can see, all the woodwork is stained dark brown - not our taste & it makes everywhere look so dark - so Hubby's going to paint it all white.

We've also managed to get hold of a fireplace surround so we've taken the shelf above the gas fire down.

There are built-in cupboards in each alcove, which have been really handy for storing my growing crochet supply stash!  These will also be painted white.

As of now, this is what the room looks like:

I think the plan is to get the ceiling painted next & then all of the woodwork.

It's all exciting stuff!!



  1. Hiya Laura! Thanks for joining in my pen-pal pairing - I will be announcing the pairs tomorrow evening so keep a eye at on my blog :) I love your blog and am now following, Marina xx

  2. I like the look of whatever it is on the table there ! is is a picture or fabric ?
    Have a great weekend
    Sue x

  3. Ah Sue, you have a very good eye! It's a canvas that we got on sale at B&Q - I'll do a close-up photo & show you soon.

  4. Hello from your newest follower (found you at evelynmays), we are currently decorating our dining room, too. looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.
    Joy x x