Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am a dreamer.  An idealist.  I will spend hours dreaming up our perfect life, perfect home, perfect everything.  I am also a bit obsessive about everything.  When I get an idea about something in my head I will spend hours day-dreaming about it, researching it, trying to get as much information as I possibly can.

We booked our wedding just over a year in advance of the date.  For that year I became a wedding-obsessed nutcase.  I bought EVERY wedding magazine available EVERY month in the run-up to our wedding day.  I'm not exaggerating.  I dread to think now how much money I wasted on all of those magazines that, let's face it, showed more-or-less exactly the same things each month anyway.  I was desperate to soak up every picture, every idea I could lay my hands on.  We were extremely fortunate that my parents paid for our wedding, but even then it wasn't as if we had a never-ending supply of money to spend on a humongous, gargantuan wedding.  In fact, we knew exactly what we wanted & we were able to plan it all very easily (no bridezillas in sight!).  Yet, I was obsessed with weddings as a whole.  I literally lived in a wedding bubble. 

As our lives changed my obsessions changed.  When I became pregnant for the first time I bought the baby magazines, spent time on the pregnancy websites; when I started on my quest to become "Domestic Doris" my addiction changed to everything housekeeping-related; now that we've moved & I've discovered Pinterest I'm seeking all things home-decor related as well.

While all of this keeps me focused, it is a hindrance to my life - it stops me from actually DOING any of the things that I dream about.  Sometimes I actually find that I've overloaded myself with all of this information that the thought of DOING any of it exhausts me!  I am aware that the more time I spend in my little dream-world, the less time I have to actually LIVE my dream.

I am trying to DO more of the things that I want to do, & in doing so I find that I don't need to spend as much time with my head in the clouds.  In turn, I have also found that I have more energy the more I do.  It really is true - if you want something, only YOU have the power to go out & get it, it won't come to you.

Dreaming is great, but DOING is better - it's all about having that perfect balance of the two.


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  1. Your post certainly hit a nerve with me, as do exactly the same....looking researching dreaming and then no time left to actually do trying to get a balance. At the moment am into Nordic style, looking at all the blogs etc and purchased a few bits and bobs for conservatory....but really need to do some proper baking and cooking and watercolour artwork...and then we come to that no time eeeekkkkkk!!!!