Monday, 25 February 2013

Living Room Update

After a last-minute trip to Ikea the other day we have made a couple of updates to our Living Room.

When we moved in this coffee table was left here:

We've really found it useful but I was getting fed up with constantly having stuff dumped on here & then left there (the photo was taken on a good day!!!)

We also had a small table in the corner of the room, which was where the laptop sat along with the router, phone & a whole host of other bits & pieces that were kept in the box underneath.  Even the wiring for all of these electrical goods were getting on my nerves!!

Here's another, slightly closer photo of this dumping corner!

Anyway, we found the perfect (& cheap) solutions to these little problem areas in Ikea!  First of all, the coffee table has been replaced with a white one, which has made the room look cleaner & brighter, but has also given us an extra shelf underneath to hide the TV remotes etc whilst leaving the top looking clear!!!

A bargain for £14!!!

We also bought an Expedit shelving unit to go in the corner to replace the table we had:

Wow!  Look!  No junk!!  Not only have we been able to hide the collection of stuff, we've actually gained surface space so that everything on top doesn't look as cluttered as before & we've also added extra storage space with the boxes.  The unit cost £20 & the boxes cost £2.50 each (we already had one so only had to buy 3 more for the unit).

For the grand total of £41.50 the difference made to this room is amazing (to me anyway!)


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  1. Great value, good luck with keeping the coffee table top clear - we said we will do that but sadly we just have piles on the top and underneath! Sure you will do better though x