Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Housewife Central

Inspired by these fabulous images on Pinterest I wanted to create a "Housewife Command Centre" where I could keep my calender, books & other things that I may need in my quest to become more organised.


Achieving Creative Order: Kitchen Command Center


We have a blank wall above the radiator in the entrance to our kitchen, which I thought would be perfect to use for this project.  My "Command Centre" is a work in progress & I intend to add to it & amend things as time goes on & I work out what I need to include here.  For now though, this is what I have done:

Seriously, it looks a bit pathetic in comparison to the ones above but I love it!!  I have put my cookbooks, my Household Management File, Financial File & Housekeeping books on the shelf:

I have also put my basket of "to do" stuff - such as filing, things that as yet have no other home etc.

The books & the basket were all taking up space on the kitchen worktop, so having another place to put them has freed up a lot of space & also just looks tidier.  I typically empty the basket on a weekly basis & file the papers that need filing, deal with paperwork that is pending.

From the hooks I have hung our calender & also a small dry-erase white board, which I got from Poundland.

As I said, it's a work in progress but I'm pleased with it so far & I look forward to really using this space to our advantage as I get myself more organised!


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