Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Living Room Reveal

As promised, I am here today to reveal our new living room.  I have to admit that I forgot to take "before" pictures before we started, but I did take some "during" so that we can see how much we did.

To give you an idea, the whole house is covered in paintable, patterned wallpaper.  Luckily all rooms (except for the dining room) are neutral, albeit very dirty.  So, here goes.....

This is the view as you walk into the room.  You can just about see the fireplace & the two alcoves.

If you turn left you can see the window - the curtains that were left were very pink, very fussy with the fancy pelmet & absolutely dust & dirt ridden (I doubt that they had ever been cleaned!!!)

If you turn back towards the fireplace, this is what the skirting boards looked like in the right-hand alcove.

This was what the door looked like before we (well, Hubby!) got to work.

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Ok, here you go.....

The wallpaper is from B&Q, by K-2 & is called Arabella Graphite.  I absolutely loved it when I saw it.  We had originally planned to paint the rest of the walls white/cream as per parts of the flowers in the wallpaper, but Hubby talked me around to picking out the blue/green colour of the flowers & I'm so glad he did!!  The background of the wallpaper is grey, which matches our sofas really well as they are grey & black.  As you can see, we have also painted the fireplace surround & the skirting boards white, which has made a MASSIVE difference to the look & feel of the room.  It feels so much bigger!

You can't really see that clearly, but the wall lights in this picture were bought from B&Q at the bargain price of £3 each!  The black lamp was also in the sale & was £10.

We chose fully lined, black chenille curtains, which we got from B&M.  The leaves in the wallpaper are black & of course we have black in our sofas so we decided that this would all tie in nicely. You can't really see in this photo but the curtain pole has a glass "diamond" ball at either end, which goes very nicely with our lampshade, which has a nice "diamond" hanging from the bottom.

Here's a picture of one of our sofas, including Lucy (she fits in very well with the decor, no?!)

Finally, here's a picture of the door after having had its make-over:

Excuse the masking tape - it's on the other side of the door, which we haven't yet finished!

Over all, we're really pleased with it!  It feels like such a relaxing place to chill out in at the end of the day.  The only thing that we have left to do is put some pictures up on the walls - we have a few black photo frames from Ikea that will go really well, so these will hopefully go up this week.

Next up will be the dining room - we already have chosen the colour scheme, which was decided for us when we found a wallpaper that we liked in a Next clearance outlet for £3 per roll - bargain!!!  That will be a post for another time though.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a photo of my gorgeous girls in our new living room - growing up so fast!  Freya is now 4 & will be starting school in September (gulp!) & Abby turned 2 on Saturday.  Time really does fly.


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  1. What a picture perfect room, loving the wallpaper...and lots of great lighting bargains too.