Friday, 10 December 2010

Twin Blankets - Ta Dah!!

How are you?  FINALLY, I have taken photos of the blankets I crocheted for my brother-in-law's newborn twin girls.  I'm really pleased with them, what do you think?

I apologise that the photos aren't great - I'm really no good at photography!

The squares that I made were a combination of 2 patterns:  Sunshine Day Baby Afghan and Sunburst Granny Square - I found it easier doing the first 2 rounds using the Sunburst Granny Square pattern then the 3rd and 4th rounds using Alicia Paulson's pattern.

They took me about 6 months to make (although we did move house etc in between!) but I'm really proud of them - my brother and sister-in-law also loved them, so it was definitely worth it!

When I started them we didn't know whether the twins were going to be girls/boys/one of each so I decided to use purple, yellow, pink and blue for the sunbursts and then the squares were finished with beige for one blanket and pale grey for the other.  I then did edging in the pink, purple and yellow to make them a bit more "girly" when they were born.  I like that they are quite colourful without being over-the-top.

I did enjoy making these blankets but am really pleased to be able to get on with something different now.  At the moment I'm catching up on all of the squares that form the throw from The Art of Crochet magazine, which I'm really enjoying as every square is completely different so I'm learning new stitches and techniques as I go!