Sunday, 11 September 2011

Never Forget

Thinking of those affected by the events 10 years ago.

Monday, 5 September 2011

On the Move

How're things going?  We've been busy with day-to-day life recently so I haven't had time to blog at all, although I have been able to catch up with other people's blogs.

We have unexpectedly found ourselves on the move again.  Our Landlord has put our house on the market to sell and we are therefore going to be moving into another house in a month's time.  This wasn't our plan at all but when a "For Sale" sign goes up completely out of the blue, what are you supposed to do?!!!  Of course, with the housing market being the way it is there's no guarantee that the house will even sell but we didn't want to find ourselves in a position where it does sell and we are then forced to make a speedy exit.  Instead, we decided to go on our terms and have found another house to move to.  It's a lot of expense and hassle that we really didn't need at this point in time but that's life, I suppose!!!

On with the packing again then!!!!