Friday, 18 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

If you're not a fan of Twilight then this post will really mean nothing to you.  We went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 this evening.  All I can say is W-O-W.  This film was amazing &, in my opinion, really did the book justice.  If you're a fan of the franchise & you haven't already booked tickets to see this film then PLEASE DO!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Never Forget

Thinking of those affected by the events 10 years ago.

Monday, 5 September 2011

On the Move

How're things going?  We've been busy with day-to-day life recently so I haven't had time to blog at all, although I have been able to catch up with other people's blogs.

We have unexpectedly found ourselves on the move again.  Our Landlord has put our house on the market to sell and we are therefore going to be moving into another house in a month's time.  This wasn't our plan at all but when a "For Sale" sign goes up completely out of the blue, what are you supposed to do?!!!  Of course, with the housing market being the way it is there's no guarantee that the house will even sell but we didn't want to find ourselves in a position where it does sell and we are then forced to make a speedy exit.  Instead, we decided to go on our terms and have found another house to move to.  It's a lot of expense and hassle that we really didn't need at this point in time but that's life, I suppose!!!

On with the packing again then!!!!


Friday, 15 April 2011

10 weeks later

Hello!  I wonder whether there is anybody out there any more?  I have been awful with my blogging haven't I?!  Well, if there is anyone left reading this, I hope that you are well.

This is just another quick one to "touch base".  Everything's going well with us.  Abby's 10 weeks old now - how did that happen?!  I can't believe how quickly time is going.  Freya is still loving her baby sister and generally is very good with her.  We have the odd moment (well, on a daily basis, if I'm honest!) when Freya's temper tantrums get the better of her - usually when Abby has started kicking off so we have a competition for attention!  I really can't complain though.

I've been able to find some time in the evenings to crochet again, so when I have some time I'll take some photos of the things I have made/been working on.  I also found some time last weekend to make a start on our new front garden.  Nothing major, just digging some flower beds & planting some bulbs.  Fingers crossed it will look nice in the next few months.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of photos of my gorgeous girls & will try really hard to come back again soon to update you with what I have been up to.


Thursday, 10 February 2011


Abby Olivia

Born Wednesday 2nd February 2011 at 16:07 weighing 6lbs 15oz.

So far Freya is loving her new little sister.......

We're all doing well, although as expected sleep is severely lacking!!!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Good Morning everybody and welcome to 2011!  This is just a very quick post today to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 

2010 was really not a great year for us - Hubby was signed off work in January with stress/anxiety/depression and I'm sad to say that he has still not been able to return to work.  It's been a really hard year so I'm really hoping that the NHS waiting lists will be better up here in Yorkshire so that he can finally get some help in getting better.

Of course, 2011 is the year we'll be introducing our new baby into the world - only 5 weeks to go now, which is really scary as the time seems to have gone so quickly.  We've spent the past few days trying to sort out all of the junk in our smallest bedroom (still unpacked from the move) to try and make way for baby bits.  I really need to get my backside in gear and get a hospital bag packed and baby clothes washed!!!

I hope that 2011 is a good year for you all.