Monday, 11 February 2013

Bargain Hunting

In our quest to find some knick-knacks to update our newly-decorated living room we have been lucky enough to come across some wonderful bargains.

We're fortunate to live near a Shopping Outlet Village where clearance/factory reject items are sold for much lower prices.  It was in the Next Outlet shop that we found some fab things for our living room & also some others for our dining room, which is next on our list to decorate.

 I thought that this was a nice thing to have on our windowsill in the lounge as it picks out the lime green from our wallpaper.  It cost £4 at the Next Outlet.

We also saw these 2 short, black glass vases for £2 each.  They have a couple of minor scratches on them but nothing that it really obvious.  They are currently residing at either end of our mantelpiece.

These 2 bottles are currently in our dining room.  The heart one (a bit scratched, as you may be able to see in the photo) cost £1 & the "Do Something you Love Everyday" one cost £1.50.  I just really liked these & for the prices I couldn't resist!!!

My Mother-In-Law actually bought this for me for £3 in the Next Outlet.  This is also in our dining room on our windowsill & is bringing a little bit of happiness to the room!

We found some lovely wallpaper for our dining room at £3 per roll in Next as well (more on this another day).  The colours in it are purple & pink, so I wanted to use purple as the main accent colour.  I saw this massive vase behind the cash desk I HAD to ask whether it was being saved for anyone.  Luckily for me it wasn't, so I managed to snatch this up for £8 (originally £35).

This morning we took a little trip to our local Cash & Carry.  This shop is FANTASTIC, especially when it comes to plants - no doubt you'll hear more about it in the coming months as we get out into the garden!  When we got there we saw that they had cushions on offer - 4 for £5.  Low & behold they had the PERFECT colour to match the blue/turquoise in our wallpaper, so we now have a bit of colour on our sofas:

I also couldn't resist bringing home a few bunches of my favourites - carnations.  At 20p per bunch who was I to refuse?!!!

I have a vase on our living room windowsill & also some more carnations in the small vases on our fireplace.



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