Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Our Kitchen

Following on from my Housewife Command Centre post I thought I'd post a couple of photos of our kitchen, as it as at the moment.

This is the view from the doorway (my Command Centre is on the right at the front of the picture).  The kitchen is very long.

Still from the doorway, but a little way into the room, turn left & this is the view - a lovely window overlooking the garden by the sink & a nice new cooker & hood at the end of this run of workspace. The door leads out into the conservatory, which is where our fridge is as there is no space to put it in the kitchen.

If you stand next to the sink this is the view into the rest of the room.  We are very grateful that the kitchen was replaced before we moved in.  I'm not sure why the landlord decided against putting wall units up (possibly cost), so at the moment it looks very bare.  We'll see over time whether we need the extra storage in the form of wall units or shelves so for now we'll leave it as is.

Before I asked Hubby to put my shelf up, I had been keeping my cookbooks & "dumping basket" in the corner where the microwave is now - it looked very cluttered, so I'm glad I now have somewhere else to put it!!  We have just got a printer, so at the moment that is in the kitchen (out of the reach of the girls) but in time I'm hoping we might find a more suitable place for it.

All in all though, we are very happy with the space we have here & are looking forward to taking advantage of the potential that the house has to offer.


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  1. Hi We seem to share a problem- the house we have recently moved to also has a new kitchen but no wall units !!So much of my 'stuff' is in the garage in boxes still which is a pain. When we have the new boiler next week I will try and visualise what I need and hope the range wasn't an end of line or something.
    Good luck with the command centre - we just have piles everywhere !
    Sue x