Monday, 4 February 2013

Relocated (again!)

One of the joys of renting is that when an opportunity comes up to live in a lovely little village for only a fraction more of the cost then we are able to take it.

This is exactly what happened with us last year.  We had not been planning on moving, although we were finding living about 20 miles away from Hubby's parents a bit inconvenient.  We are very close to my Parents-in-Law &, although it only took 25 minutes by car to get there, we found that we were travelling up  down the motorway so often that it was becoming expensive in terms of petrol costs.

Sadly the In-Laws' elderly next-door neighbour passed away suddenly last July, leaving his house empty.  His son decided to rent the house out indefinitely & this opened the doorway to a new chapter for us.  As the elderly man had lived in the house for about 60 years the decor is very dated & needs a lot of updating.  Our landlord (the son) wanted to let the house to someone who would take care of the house & treasure it as their own &, as a result, we were offered the house at a much reduced monthly rent in comparison to other houses in the village.  Of course, we would have been MAD to turn this offer down - a bigger house, not much more a month & next door to the Parents-in-Law - this is the perfect set-up for us!

It was agreed last September that we would move into the house.  The kitchen was gutted & replaced before we moved in, as were the carpets (the man had a few dogs who were not completely house-trained) & we finally moved in the week before Christmas - I said we would have been mad to turn the offer down but I didn't say we weren't mad to move so close to Christmas!!!!

We've been here a month now & are loving the new village.  The girls have so much more room to play, Freya is settling into her new nursery well & we are saving soooo much money in fuel as we live that much closer to the shops, family etc.

As part of our rental agreement we are getting a reduced rent for the first year to cover the cost of redecorating.  We have wasted no time & I will be able to do our first room reveal soon!!!

I'm so excited about being able to make this house our own & establishing new routines & I really want to share it, so I hope that you'll come back again soon?


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