Friday, 1 March 2013

Pen Pals

Did you have a pen pal when you were younger?  I had a few - I had a pen pal in Germany who I wrote to for a few years & I also had a few school friends who kept in touch by letter after they moved away. In fact, I think I still have all of my letters upstairs in a box - I think I may have to dig them out!!!  Obviously, with all of the social media sites around these days & the introduction of email, letters just seem ridiculously old-fashioned & is becoming obsolete to the future generations, which is a shame.

I recently heard about a Pen Pal "group" that was being arranged by Marina & I thought it was a really fun idea, so I signed up.  I'm so excited about this & I received my first letter the other day.  How fantastic is it to receive an actual letter in the post?!!!  I can't wait to start writing, although I'm also a bit nervous as my handwriting is awful after years of using computers!!!

I lost contact with my German pen pal but I'm still in contact with my school friends on Facebook.  I wonder whether you are still in contact with your pen pal?


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  1. Oh you must dig out your old letters! I did that recently when i wrote the pen-pal post and they were so funny to read and look back on! Glad you recieved my first letter safely, really looking forward to hearing from you xx Oh and i loved your post from yesterday too - I completely identified with what you were saying, I did exactly the same thing when I was engaged, bought every single wedding mag - i couldn't bear to miss one just in case that "perfect idea" or "the dress" was inside - makes me smile looking back at how wedding obsessed I was :) - and yes after the wedding it was baby mags and now home mags again - but like you i try and limit myself now and only by one or two - have a lovely weekend xx