Monday, 4 March 2013

Front Garden

Hi!  I hope you've had a lovely weekend.  Mine has been exhausting.  I decided to take advantage of the nice weather & tackle our front garden.  It's quite a big garden, which is split into two sections (we have 2 front doors.  I started on Thursday afternoon & finally "finished" yesterday evening.  I say "finished" because all I have actually done is weed all of the flower beds - I have some bulbs & a couple of plants to put in as well as plant my primulas in some pots (they're still sitting in their tray on the table in the back garden at the moment!).

So, here's a few pictures of the side-front-door part of the garden.  There's an L-shaped flower bed that runs along the front of the side extension & down the side of the main part of the house.

This photo shows how full of weeds all of the flower beds are:

So, it took me a little while (& I also had a bit of help from Abby) but here's the much-improved corner bed:

The same side of the garden has a little break in the flower beds for step to the path & then the bed continues down to the front of the garden.  Here's what they looked like before:

 Now it looks like this:

Much better!  This photo shows what this side of the garden looks like in front of the side-front-door:

 Now on to the main part of the garden.  You can get an idea of what it looks like from this photo, which shows the main front door, flower bed directly underneath the living room window, a flower bed the other side of the grass path that runs along the front of the window and another L-shaped bed that starts in front of the front door & runs parallel to the flower bed on the other side of the path that I showed you above. (I hope that makes sense?!)

Still being helped by Abby, you can see how bad the weeds were: (this is the view from the path as you look out from the front door)

This is a little bed that is to the right of the front door:

Here is a close-up of the bed underneath the window:

 This side of the garden took me two full days to sort out.  It is fair to say that I got extremely fed up by the end & was just digging up almost everything, just to finish off!  Here's what it looks like now though:

I did this bed last & ended up just getting rid of so much as it was easier than having to keep picking out grass clumps from between stems of little plants:

I had Freya helping this afternoon:

 Phew!!  Sorry for the picture-heavy post but I am soooo proud of my hard work this weekend that I wanted to keep a visual reminder for myself.  I ache all over & am really tired but it was totally worth it!!


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  1. Well done, you've worked hard, but at least you now have a lovely tidy front garden to show for it. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like later in the year.
    Joy xx