Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I did manage a little bit of productivity on the home-making front over the weekend.  I put up two fabulous works of art in the kitchen:

I was given these two Caroline Rose prints for my birthday back in November but have been trying to decide where I wanted to put them in the house.  I really wanted to be able to see them daily because I love them so much.  I finally decided to put them in the kitchen, seeing as I spend a lot of my time in there!

These prints are by Caroline Rose and I first heard about her on Lucy's blog & just fell in love!!  There are other prints that I would like to get to add to my little display (or put somewhere else in the house).  In the meantime though I'll just enjoy the colourful cheerfulness that I have.

Sorry that the photos aren't a bit closer - it's hard to get good photos of pictures in glass frames!  If you want to see the prints in more detail though then have a look at Caroline's Etsy shop - if you're like me then you'll be looking at them for ages!


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