Sunday, 10 March 2013


Good morning!  I hope that you had a lovely weekend.  Ours was a very lazy one, mainly due to the fact that we're all still full of colds.  Most of the weekend was spent in our pyjamas & dressing gowns just chilling out.

At the moment Play Doh is the favourite thing to do in the house, closely followed by watching films & childrens' TV on Netflix so there was a lot of that going on.  There was also a bit of indoor tent building:

I've also just realised that I haven't actually done a reveal post about the blanket used in these pictures.  It's the finished blanket from The Art of Crochet series.  I'll try to do that in the week.

I have been doing a lot of crochet as well over the weekend.  I finally finished the Brown & Orange Union Jack cushion that I was making for my In-Laws (to match the one we gave them for Christmas).  I have also started on a new blanket that will live in our Living Room.

We were hoping to be able to get out & do some tidying in our back garden today but I've woken up to this:

It's not terribly deep but it's still very inconvenient!!!  Fingers crossed it won't last long.  Typical British weather - bright blue skies & sunny days one week & snow the next!!


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