Friday, 15 March 2013

Being Domestic

I have never really been interested in following any type of career.  I was lucky that I fell into a job after I left Sixth Form at the company I did my work experience for and had since done the odd week or two during the school holidays.  To be honest, I only ended up doing my work experience there in the first place because our family friends at the time owned the company and arranged it for me.  I did enjoy working there though & I ended up staying for 5 years until I left because Hubby & I relocated from Berkshire to Kent.

I managed to find another job in Kent but it wasn't anything particularly exciting - I was working out of necessity, like most people, but my ultimate "ambition" was to settle down with the man of my dreams, have children & become a housewife.  Hardly the great feminist message to pass down to my daughters is it?  Please don't assume me to be of the WAG-type variety though.  I have never been bothered by money (it's a good thing too because we don't have much!!), society status, material possessions or the latest fashions etc. I've always wanted to live quite a simple life with my family & be as happy & as healthy as possible.  Sometimes I feel so lucky that I am able to stay at home with my family but other times I feel like I'm failing in my life's ambition as I'm hardly the domestic-goddess that I aspire to be.  The main thing though I suppose is that my children are happy & have everything that they need to grow up in a happy, comfortable environment - I think that we're doing ok with that part!

Half of my battle towards becoming the "Perfect Housewife" is just getting on & doing it, as I've mentioned before, so I've started trying to make little lists of daily tasks that I hope to get completed.  Oh my goodness!  What a difference this makes to me actually DOING stuff!!!  I love crossing things off the list as I complete them so it gives me that extra bit of motivation to do it!  (I'm a bit sad like that!)

BUT, I do find that I end up putting more on my list than is necessary, just so that I can cross it off.  For example, yesterday I had a few loads of washing to do so rather than just put "washing" on the list I put each separate load down (whites, darks, lights, bedding etc) & then had fun crossing each one off when it was done!  It's really helping to keep me motivated.

Another thing that I've found really helpful over the past week or so is putting on some music while I do my jobs.  I've got a Nokia mobile phone & there's a Nokia Music app that has a load of preset "radio" mixes so I've been putting this on & having a good old sing-a-long while I work!  I've just recently discovered a mix called "Housework Pop" - appropriate, I thought - & it's FABULOUS!!!  It's got all of the cheesy pop that I loved listening to when I was at school/Sixth Form & it makes me so happy to hear these old tunes again.  You can't beat dancing around the kitchen to a bit of 5ive, NSync, Britney Spears etc!!!  Even the girls like to dance around with me, so it's fun for everyone!!!  Anything that brings us fun while keeping me going is a plus in my book.



  1. I can so empathise with you, I'm just the same. I even start my lists with "write list".
    My kids are now all grown up, they dont remember the lack of money or the untidy house, they remember the sunshine and the fun.
    Joy xx

  2. Good for you, people laugh at me when I say I wanted to be a housewife - still not managed it though apart from a couple of years when Miss V was a baby. One day ey
    Will have to check out Housework pop
    Sue x