Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mother Nature

It seems that Spring has finally sprung here & our front garden is looking lovely with all of the daffodils that have appeared in the flower borders.

We also had some beautiful crocuses appear around the pond in the back garden, but they have now died off.

I have spent the weekend and first couple of days of the week out in the garden with the girls, doing a general tidy up.  I have bought some roses to put in pots & have yet to plant them.  I got the orange & white ones from Poundland, the Climbing Rose Blue for 68p in the local Cash & Carry & my Mother-in-Law kindly picked up the blue rose for me while she was out shopping, although I can't remember where.

They are all currently sitting in make-shift milk container pots in some water on my kitchen windowsill.  It is raining today so I don't think I'll get out to plant them today but hopefully in the next couple of days they will be outside where they belong!

I have also been given a Greenhouse by my Mother-in-Law as they have just replaced their PVC one with a glass one.  The girls & I spent a bit of time in there at the beginning of the week planting lots of seeds that we'd bought.  We'd bought some different varieties of Sweet Peas & we'd also planted some tomato seeds & some runner beans.  Alas, Mother Nature had different plans as when I woke up this morning the really strong overnight winds had made a complete mess in the garden.  As soon as I opened the back door I was greeted by the girls' playhouse, which had been blown across the patio:

I also saw that the door of the greenhouse was flapping around.  On closer inspection I found that the wind had actually broken the zip & knocked EVERYTHING onto the floor:

Oh joy!  I'll have to go out later to see if I can salvage anything but I didn't really fancy standing there doing that in my dressing gown first thing this morning!!!  Still, in comparison to the trouble that the wind has caused in my In-Laws' garden next door, I really shouldn't complain.  They've had panes of glass come out of their new greenhouse & smash (despite being fixed in with multiple clips, tape etc), a new bird bath get blown over & smash, taking with it a couple of new solar lights that had also just been put in.  Thank goodness that the wind wasn't strong enough to take any trees down or injure anyone (that I know of).

I hope that you are safe wherever you are.


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