Thursday, 2 May 2013


Things are ticking along here at the moment.  We've been getting out in the garden quite a lot with the girls, which is really nice.  I've been adding a few "pretties" to our outdoor space to give it some more colour.

Please excuse the photos - it's not easy to capture a sun catcher!  I've had the plastic sun catcher in my cupboard for years & thought it was about time that I actually used it!!  It was picked up from the pound shop so a real bargain!  Also picked up from the 99p stores was this little pink lantern.  It's metal & I bought 6 - 3 pink & 3 purple, which I've put on shepherds hooks around the garden.  If I can get a nice photo to show you then I will do!

We've also had a beautiful cluster of red tulips come out in the back garden.  Obviously we didn't plant anything in this garden so we don't know what's there, so it's nice to see what comes up!

Last Sunday morning we got up early to go to a local Car Boot sale.  I have to say that we were quite disappointed on the whole but we did pick up a couple of bargains.  My favourite was this metal bike/plant stand for the garden for £10:

I've got to plant it all up yet so when I have I will take another photo.

I haven't really done much more over the past few weeks.  I've continued to go to Knit & Natter & am loving the couple of hours spent with some lovely ladies.  It's really nice to hear more experienced knitters talking about their craft & just generally chatting - I've spent the past 4 years (since Freya was born really) at home with just the children, Hubby & our parents to talk to so it's great to get out & expand my conversational skills a bit!!!

It's looking like it's going to be a beautiful day here in South Yorkshire & I've been out early hanging my washing out.  We've got a guy coming to finish filling the pond in today so by the end of the day that should be done.  He also laid some turf where the caravan had been standing in the back garden last week so it's all starting to look lovely - I'll update you with some photos soon.

I hope that you have some lovely weather wherever you are today.


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