Friday, 3 May 2013

Out & About in the Garden

We're well on the way to having a lovely, child-friendly garden to enjoy in the Summer!  We're just waiting for the rotting, collapsing fence to be replaced & it will all be done - we've been told that it will be done the week of 13th May so watch this space!

In the meantime I've been out today taking some photos & I thought I'd share them with you.  First of all, the side where the caravan stood for over 20 years has been completely transformed.  Here's what it was like before:

and here is what it looks like now:

Hubby has put up a make-shift fence to stop the dogs from trampling all over the turf while it's bedding down.  It makes such a difference though & we're really pleased with it.

The other major development is the newly-designed pond area.  The pond was drained & filled in & the plan was to put some paving slabs over it to make the patio area larger.  Our landlord obviously had different ideas though as we came home to this yesterday:

We've got a rather large & sparse rockery!!!  There have been a few little plants added, so it does look nice.    We might move the plants & rocks to another part of the garden & re-pave that area ourselves, but we haven't decided yet.  At the moment it's made a lovely addition to the garden & we're really pleased that we don't have to worry about the girls falling in the pond any more! (Of course now we have to make sure they don't climb over the rocks & split their heads open, but on the whole it is a much safer place for them to play!!)

I've also been admiring some of my plants that are growing along nicely.  The seeds in my greenhouse are sprouting, despite being knocked over by those awful winds!  I have absolutely no idea what's planted where as the soil got mixed up & I just scooped it all up & put it back in the trays.  I definitely have sweet peas growing but it will be pot luck as to what else might appear!!!

I've also planted some broad beans & was pleased to spot a little shoot making its way to the surface:

In addition to the seeds that I planted I've also got some geraniums that I bought as plug plants that are getting bigger. I've got 10 (5 different colours) so I can't wait to see what they're like & possibly use a couple in my bicycle planter.

My Azalea is also flowering:

and I have a rhododendron that is starting to bloom:

Finally, my Mother-in-Law bought me this camelia:

I've always wanted one & she saw some at the Cash & Carry for less than £5 so she picked one up.

Before I go I'll just share some better (sort of!) photos of my tea light holders & the sun catcher that I mentioned in my last post:

I hope that the weather remains nice for us over the Bank Holiday weekend.  I have got so much weeding to do to tidy up both the front & back gardens.  On top of that I also have a mountain of ironing to do (but if the weather's nice then the ironing will have to wait!)

Enjoy, whatever your plans are.


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