Thursday, 9 May 2013

What a difference a (Bank Holiday) Weekend makes....

What fabulous weather we had over the Bank Holiday weekend!!  We decided to take control & spend our time sorting out the garden.

I mentioned in my previous post that we had been given a new (rather large) rockery where the pond once was.  Well, there was a lot of top soil left over & there were piles of bricks that had been dug up from where the caravan stood so Hubby decided to utilise these materials & create a patio area for us. He had some help from his dad to lay the bricks etc & they did a really good job!  Here was the rockery before:

Here it is now:

I think it looks fantastic!  We enjoyed a few lunches at the table earlier this week - the weather has now done a U-turn, so I don't know when we'll be doing that again though!!!

Previously there had been a small rockery/border that separated the pond from the lawn & there were paths that went from the lawn & along each side of the pond.  Hubby had the idea to extend this rockery/border to meet the border along the left-hand side of the garden & effectively sectioning the patio area from the lawn completely.  Here's how it looks:

This is where it meets the existing border:

 I'm very grateful to my Mother-in-Law, who very kindly took charge of arranging & planting the rockery plants in this area - she did a wonderful job.  We added a few animals to this little area for the girls & to give it a bit more interest.  When my Mother-in-Law asked Freya what sort of animals she wanted the response was "an elephant, a lion & a cow" - ???!!!!!!  I don't know why she came up with those.  As you can see in the photo above, we managed to give her a cow to put in the garden (courtesy of Mother-in-Law's garden) but I don't think she'll be getting her elephant or lion any time soon.

Here are a couple of close-ups:

I can see this rockery from my kitchen window & it makes me smile every time I look out there.  It's now such a usable, pretty space.

In other garden news, the seeds & plants in my greenhouse are continuing to do very well:

and we have 2 beautiful trees at the bottom of the garden that are covered in pink & white blossom (the photo really doesn't do them justice)

Unfortunately the blossom is starting to fall off so the garden is beginning to get covered with pink & white flowers - not really looking forward to clearing all that up, but Hubby did just buy a leaf blower/vac so that should at least make it more manageable!!!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend wherever you are.


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  1. What a difference, your patio looks great.
    Joy xx