Monday, 13 May 2013

Early Start

Both of my girls were awake at 4am due to horrible coughs that were making them sick.  After half an hour of changing beds & trying to get them to go back to sleep I decided to give up & come downstairs with them.  I was feeling quite awake myself at the time so at 5am I embarked on a mammoth ironing session (I haven't done any ironing for a couple of weeks & Hubby & I had run out of clothes to wear!).  Here's the pile when I started:

At 7.15am here's what the basket looked like:

and here's what the rest of my kitchen looked like!

Phew!  I'm glad it's all done but now I've sat down I am starting to feel my early start!!!  On days like this I am so grateful that I don't work & that Freya's not at school yet as it means that I don't have to rush to get ready & go anywhere (& that I might be able to take a nap later if the girls do!!!).  It'll be a different story in September as Freya starts school then but for now I'm going to take advantage of my lazy mornings ;-)


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