Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring Gardening

Hello!  I hope that you are well.  This weekend was lovely & I finally managed to get outside into the back garden to start making it look a little less like a dumping ground!

When we moved in we put all of our plant pots together on the patio, so it didn't look very pretty - although with all of the cold weather it did add a bit of extra protection for the smaller pots.  Added to that there is still a lot of things that our landlord needs to sort out for us in the garden.  There's an ancient, decaying caravan that he's going to get rid of, a pond that he's in the process of draining & then he's going to make good the area where the caravan is once it's gone so that it's a usable space & fill in the pond.  In addition to that the whole fence on the right-hand side of the garden is rotten & falling down so that is also being replaced.  When we signed the contract, he promised to get it all done by the end of April, so hopefully we'll have a totally "new" garden to use soon.

Anyway, I took advantage of the weather this weekend to try & make the garden look a bit prettier!  The first thing I did was put our new bird feeder out in the garden.

 I've always wanted a bird feeder & we got this one at B&M, reduced to £7.99.  I've still got to get a couple of hanging bird feeders to add to it, but in the meantime I hope that the birds will be happy with this lot!

You can see in the background of the picture above the delightful caravan & all of the plant pots that have been gathered on our patio!

The next thing I did was sweep all of the debris & dig out the little weeds from the dirt patches in front of our shed:

I thought that this little area, being directly opposite the conservatory & therefore in full view, could do with a bit of prettifying so I added some of my pots:

A close-up of the pots on the left:

and the pots on the right:

The bigger blue pot at the back here has my hydrangea in, which I'm pleased to see is starting to come back!

I'd bought a couple of solar light/plant stands from B&M that I wanted to put either side of the conservatory doors, so here's my before shot:

and after:

Looking a bit better with some colour!  Here are the stands up close:

(excuse the manky water butt!)

I still have more tidying to do & a few things to plant but so far so good!  I'm pleased with the results & it's starting to feel like Spring is finally well on its way!


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  1. You've been busy! :) That's so funny we bought an almost idential bird feeder on Saturday for the same price! have wanted one for ages as well! Hope my letter got to you safely, your garden's looking great xx