Thursday, 11 April 2013

Play Room Update

After my last post about our Play Room we have made a few changes.  With the table & tall bookcases it felt very cluttered & dark, despite putting a lot of the girls' stuff into lidded boxes.  When we started moving stuff out into the shed we decided that the table & chairs should also go out there.  As nice as it was for the girls to use the table for play doh & drawing, they couldn't really do much else in their little play area as there was no room.

We also decided to get another couple of Expedit units, like the one in our living room, from Ikea to store the toys.  The old coffee table from the living room is also now being used (in time I'd like it painted white).  Here's is what the Play Room looks like now:

The OCD in me hates the fact that the boxes don't all match but I'm not going to spend more money than is necessary on storage boxes that will likely just get sat on/in by the girls!!!

They use this area much more now as they have floor space to play with their houses & little people, as well as the table if they want to draw or play with Play Doh.

The added bonus also is that at the end of the day when they've gone to bed I can also put their cars & prams away in here rather than having them lined up along my hallway!

I also took the opportunity to do a little bit more organising of the girls puzzles when taking them off the old bookshelves.  We had bought a box of jigsaw puzzles but once the packets had been opened you couldn't reuse the bags & the puzzles all got jumbled up.

I decided to get rid of the box altogether & use freezer bags to separate the puzzles.  I cut the pictures of each puzzle from the box to put in the bags so we know which puzzle is in there.

Of course they will still all get jumbled up at some point, but at least they've started off in separate bags & therefore have a better chance of going back that way!

Overall we are very pleased with this improved space.  It will be decorated at some point soon but for now it is fulfilling its purpose nicely!


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