Monday, 8 April 2013

Using our Conservatory

We have 2 really big sheds in our back garden but they hadn't been emptied by our landlord so we were unable to use either of them to store our things.  So, when we moved in our conservatory became a bit of a dumping ground for everything that would ordinarily be stored outside (garden tools, lawn mower, gardening supplies, camping equipment etc).  It didn't look pretty!

Despite the mess, we still had to use this room on a daily basis as our fridge & tumble dryer are stored here.

Our landlord finally emptied one of the sheds last weekend, which meant that we were able to move everything out of our conservatory!  Yay!  Now we have a lovely, light, bright room that I have been using as a kind of utility room.  The roof, doors & windows need repairing so it's very cold out there & not usable as a proper conservatory/relaxing space overlooking the garden yet.

Here's how it looks now:

We moved one of the bookcases from the play room in here to store some bits & pieces.  Washing powder, extra kitchen rolls, old towels that we use to dry the dogs off when they come back from a particularly wet & muddy walk...

Dog stuff (treats, wipes, brushes, flea & worming treatment etc) along with shoe cleaners & sprays....

Other miscellaneous things such as hoover bags, plant food, spare air freshener units etc

Over all, I'm so happy with this space now!!!


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  1. Its surprising how much space all these little things take up isn't it. So pleased you now have the use of the conservatory, I'm sure it will soon be warm enough to sit out there, spring has to come soon.
    Joy xx