Sunday, 31 January 2010



We've had a relaxing but productive one (if that makes sense?!)  On our trip to Ikea we had also bought a new light for our living room - I didn't mention that in my post as I was so excited about my hyacinths and pictures that I completely forgot we bought it!  Anyway, I asked Hubby to put said light up for me yesterday.  After a lot of faffing (it seems that the light is too heavy just to put up and therefore needs securing somehow) my wonderful Father-in-Law fitted it for us as he has had so much more experience than us!!  Would you like to see it?....
Hmmm, not really very clear is it?  How about this one?.....
And closer still....

I'm really pleased with our new light - the old one was a dark shade that made the room seem dark even when it was on, which always facilitated the need for a second light to be on (waste of electricity and energy methinks!) - it makes the room seem bigger as it is so much lighter.

Hubby wasn't so convinced until it was fully up as we had actually come home with a much bigger version of the one we'd seen on display (oops!).  When we got it out of the box we were a bit surprised at how HUGE it was!  I quite like it though and it doesn't dominate the room like we thought it might, although when we had friends over for dinner last night the first thing they said when they came in was something along the lines of "an alien UFO has landed in your room!"  They did add that they thought it looked good - I'm not sure whether they said this to be polite or whether they actually meant it!

Today I made some more cupcakes - yummy! - and we took some over to the in-laws' to have with a cuppa.....

In fact, maybe it's time for a cuppa now.......

I hope that you've had a good weekend?


  1. Hello - good to meet another crochet nut. There appear to be quite a few out there now. Too addictive I think.

    Lisa x

  2. thank you for my "cyber hug" it was much appreciated :-)
    I love the new light fitting it looks fab - nearly as good as the cupcakes :-)
    Lesley x