Monday, 8 February 2010

There's No Place Like "Home"....

Hello!  How are you?  We're all fine having just returned from spending a few days with my parents.  It was really lovely to spend time with them as we hadn't seen them since Christmas.

I love going back "home".  Apart from the fact that it's nice to spend a few days being spoilt by my Mum and having family meals together, I always come away feeling inspired by what Mum and Dad have done with their house.  It always looks so "homely" with lots of nick-nacks around but no "clutter".  I try to recreate a similar kind of feel at home but find that our house always seems to be full of stuff rather than items that finish the look off perfectly.  Hmmmmmm, I'm not sure whether I'm explaining myself very well - I know what I mean, anyway!!!  I took a few photos while I was at Mum's using my mobile, so please excuse the quality!
These are a couple of my favourite things in the living room.  The floral display from Next is beautiful and works well with the colour scheme of the room.  I also LOVE this fairly new addition to the room - the unit.  The top half is glazed and houses books, photos and some ornaments whilst the bottom half has cupboards for all-important storage.  I'm not sure why exactly but I just love it!

These are a couple of things that are in the downstairs WC that I love to look at every time I visit.  The boat brings the colour-scheme together very well (brown and teal) whilst the fish hanging on the wall behind the door continue a slightly "nautical" theme.
Finally, a little corner of the kitchen........

We have added some floating shelves to our living room as a place for some of my favourite things, so we're heading in the right direction:

You'll have to excuse the vase on top of my fireplace, it actually belongs on the floor but we had to move it out of Freya's reach!!!!

Anyway, on a final note, we returned home at the weekend to this gorgeous sight:
My beautiful hyacinths have flowered!!!!  They smell absolutely wonderful in the kitchen.

I hope you have a good day.



  1. All looking good....I always find the decorating part is the easiest...the hardest being the accessorizing. Its finding just the right thing to put in just the right place.

  2. Oh I love all the little objects in your parents’ house, especially the glass bottles – your hyacinths are beautiful too!

  3. Hello, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Glad you like my Russiann doll. It was my first attempt at knitting in the round and is not perfect by a long way - lets just say I photographed her from her best side.

  4. Hello Doris,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You've come through Kate that's nice.
    We started more or less at the same time. It's funny how Kate and I have both gone in different directions with our blogs now! She's doing really well over there.
    Now 'Art of Crochet'. I have subscribed too. I can crochet, but wanted to see if I could go back to basics and see if there was anything new to learn! Although I've been crocheting since i was 15 now 53, I still call myself a beginner! My magazines were delivered to a different address completely. Luckily the man in the house rang up the magazine people. I was so annoyed because I had rung a few times asking what had happened to them. I gave my address everytime no one ever told me they had got it down wrong. Not too impressed with their customer service. Apparently in the shops it stops at issue 5. A trial run I presume. Which ones have you had already? You just have to practice and practice. You'll get better and better the more things you do. I've enjoyed reading about your home and your crocheting. Stop by soon!
    Hugs and Love SUex