Saturday, 20 February 2010

Twilight Saga

I've jumped on this band-wagon rather late as I only saw the first Twilight film just before Christmas.  Hubby and I then went on to watch the follow-up, New Moon and I was hooked!  I was given all four books in the series for Christmas and only got around to starting them a couple of weeks ago.

I have actually finished reading all four books in the past couple of weeks - in fact, I only finished the final instalment of the series this morning - I have been well and truly ADDICTED!  So much so that I haven't been getting to sleep before midnight and have not really watched any TV as I have just wanted to read these amazing books.

Hubby will surely be pleased now that I can actually have a "proper" conversation with him in the evenings!!

If you have heard anything about these books or seen the films but not read the books, PLEASE READ!  If the whole human-vampire teenage romance appeals to you then I can not recommend these books more.  They are on a much higher level than an ordinary teenage romance story so I'm sure would appeal to people of all ages.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. 


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  1. I too am completely addicted, I've almost finished the 1st book and have the other 3 at the ready, watched New Moon last night, oh my god, am waiting with anticipation for June 9th when Eclipse is released, will be booking advance tickets to see that one........

    Hugs RosieP x