Saturday, 9 January 2010

Poppy & Holly....

are the names of our 11 month old Springer Spaniels. 

Holly is the one on the left, Poppy on the right.

We've had them since they were about 5 weeks old (we were told they were 9 weeks when we got them but the vet thought otherwise).  We hadn't intended to get 2 puppies but they tugged on my heart-strings & I couldn't resist.  They were the only pups left & I wanted one while hubby wanted the other - in the end I couldn't bear the thought of leaving one puppy all on its own while we took her sister so we came home with them both - we did a buy-one-get-one-half-price deal with the sellers, & it's a good job we did as when we got them home they were so poorly that it was touch & go as to whether Holly would actually make it.  Anyway, I digress.

They are beautiful dogs & are ever so affectionate.  In fact, Poppy is curled up asleep on the sofa next to me now.  Freya absolutely loves them & she likes to use her new-found skill of cuddles on the dogs frequently, even if they really don't want to - she tries to pull them closer to her by their ears but they just let her do it, although it must hurt.  We couldn't really ask for better dogs to grow up with Freya.  With everything in life though there is always a cloud to the silver-lining......

They are very mischievious.  I went upstairs for a grand total of 5 minutes this morning to get Freya out of her cot & change her nappy.  When I came down I found this:

A shredded (clean/new) nappy & a finished packet of biscuits (I think there were only 2 or 3 left in the packet).  I had obviously forgotten to move them out of reach of dear doggies!

Yesterday morning we came down to more shredded nappies, which had been left in the middle of the dining room table (we thought out of reach!) & Freya's hairbrush:

Naughty doggies!  Still, I suppose they're still only puppies & I'd rather them make a mess in the house than be nasty to Freya when she pulls them around.

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  1. So lovely for children to grow up with a dog....our grandbubs absolutely adore our Cavalier Megan, even though the grandson calls here Megals, he is so sweet with her, like your gorgeous pups, she'll let him do anything, even try and sit on her....mind you don't know if I could do the pup stage again...have fun and stay warm.