Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Living Room Snuggle Blanket

After decorating the Living Room I wanted to crochet something that co-ordinated with the room but didn't really know what.  I had seen Lucy's granny stripe blanket pattern  a while back & wanted to give it a go & then I came across this on Pinterest that sealed the deal for me!


I thought that this would be a perfect way to use all of the colours that were in the room without it being too overbearing.  So off I went!  I ordered some Stylecraft Special DK & excitedly embarked on a new crochet project.  I won't lie, I went into this one with my rose-tinted glasses on somewhat.  I looked at Lucy's pattern, read that her starting chain was 240 and thought 240? pah! I'm going to start with 300 chains!  So off I went, row after row after row.  300 chains led to a rather long blanket but that's ok, I kept telling myself, I want this to be big enough to have a proper snuggle under in the winter.  

I will hold my hands up & say that I was being seriously over-ambitious with this one.  I could have let this project go on & on, increasing the size gradually over time, but I got bored.  I got to a stage where I thought that's it! I've had enough!  It can wrap around someone's shoulders nicely so it will do!  Despite this one being stopped much sooner than I originally planned, I'm still really chuffed with it.  The colours work really well together & it has been used quite a bit by Hubby - if he says it's big enough then I can live with that!!!

Here's my "finished" blanket:

Annoyingly there was a gust of wind as this photo was taken so the blanket was being blown backwards!

A closer picture so you can see the colours:

and an even closer one!

It's not as chunky as the original blanket in the photo above but it still works well. I used black as the main colour, equal amounts of green & cyan & then a few stripes of charcoal grey, pink & white.  It goes nicely with the decor in our Living Room anyway!!!


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