Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Art of Crochet - the Finished Blanket!

In January 2010 I subscribed to the Art of Crochet magazine and at the end of last year (I can't remember exactly when but I think it was about October/November time) I finished the blanket that I had been making, square by square, as part of the series.

I know that over the years it has cost me a lot of money but I have really enjoyed every minute & have got a pretty impressive library of patterns to start working my way through!!!  It was the blanket that actually made  me want to get this series - I don't really know whether it was the colours or the pattern but I just HAD to have it!!!

Here is the finished product:

I am so proud of it!  I love the fact that it gets used everyday by the girls, whether it's to snuggle up in on the sofa or as the roof of an indoor tent - it's holding up pretty well!

Here is a close up of the middle of the blanket:

I have a few favourites when it comes to the individual squares.  I really like the multi-coloured stripy ones that surround the middle squares (above).  I also really like the purple spotted ones:

I wasn't as fussed on the ones with the funny men on them - embroidery was certainly not the strong point for me on this project!  I also liked the various granny squares that are dotted around

and finally I think that the cream ones with the colourful holes in are also quite cool!

Colourful loveliness!


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  1. Wow, what a lovely blanket. It looks very impressive. I must say I am a little envious of your trip to Yarndale but a trip all the way from Australia might be just a bit over the top.
    I've enjoyed what I have read on your blog so far.