Monday, 17 June 2013

Garden Update

I am back today with an update on our (mostly) finished garden!  The final thing that we were waiting to be done was for the rotten fence to be replaced.  Without further ado......ta dah!!!



I have got the beginnings of a flower bed running along the fence & have planted out some sweet peas that I had been growing in the greenhouse:

 I have also planted some sweet peas in a few pots & have made a make-shift climbing frame for them using mesh wiring:

 The metal bicycle has been planted up & is looking lovely

 We also have LOADS of beautiful flowers coming out in our flower beds, we're really lucky.  These blue ones are starting to die off now but they're stunning - I'm not sure what they are, Mother-in-Law thinks they might be cornflowers but we're not sure.

 We also have 3 peonies, which I am very excited about

Please ignore the stinging nettles in this photo!!!

And more waiting to bloom

We are really enjoying spending time outside when we can & it's lovely to see all of the new flowers coming out.  I remember how I used to moan at my Mum & Dad when I was in my teens for being "so sad" (in the tone of Kevin the teenager) for wasting so much money & time in their garden.  Mum used to tell me that one day I'd have my own garden that I'd enjoy, to which I told her that there was no way I was going to spend money on plants & that I was going to concrete my garden!  Hmmmmm.  Mothers obviously do know best!  


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