Friday, 16 March 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes....

After the horrendous week I had last week, I really can't believe I'm feeling so good at the moment. I sat down with Hubby & talked a lot of things through, I have also gone back on my tablets with advice from my GP. I am feeling so much better in myself & have had more motivation to do bits & pieces.

Freya came home from nursery yesterday with a lovely, glittery Mother's Day card - my first one made by her!

We also came home from playgroup last week with a planted sunflower seed. We've been looking after it, checking it daily & I'm relieved to see that it has sprouted!  It's taken 10 days to get this far - I did worry when I discovered that all of the other children's seeds had 1-2 inch shoots after only a week!

I've been working hard trying to get squares crocheted for a baby blanket. Hubby's friend & his girlfriend are having their first baby, which is due at the end of this month. I only decided about 3 weeks ago that I wanted to make them something! As they don't know what they're having I've chosen cream as the main colour with yellow, green, pink & blue in the middles - I've done more yellow & green to make it more "neutral" but will do a border in either pink or blue when they've had the baby, depending on what they have obviously!! So at the moment I've got little piles of crocheted squares cluttering up my bookshelf! I've done 80 squares - just 20 left that need the cream round & then I can block them & sew them together.

The day here in South Yorkshire looks like it may be quite nice, it's very sunny & I have the lounge window open to get some fresh air & blow the cobwebs away! It makes a change from the thick fog that lasted all day yesterday.

I hope that the weekend brings some sunshine wherever you are.



  1. So glad you're feeling much better, don't foget to post pics of the blanket when it's finished.

    Hugs Jill x

  2. Hi Glad things are looking up for you. Have a great weekend
    Sue x