Friday, 9 March 2012

The Other Side of the Story

Tomorrow's another day.....never has a saying been so true. After my meltdown of yesterday I thought I had better come back to bring a bit of balance as far as Hubby is concerned.

Whilst his daily routine was pretty much spot-on, I would like to point out that that does not happen EVERY day. He has been off for 2 years with depression & I know that it is not good for him to sit around doing nothing so I do get him out of the house, whether it be for a wander round the shops or just to pick Freya up from nursery.

He's been having A LOT of bad days recently where he considers the advantages of not being around to be a burden on us all. Despite this being difficult to listen to and cope with myself I could not do half as much as I do without him. Even if it's just watching the girls while I cook dinner, that is a massive help to me. Without him being around during the day I would be spending my evenings playing catch-up with everything around the house & would be quite exhausted & drained as a result.

Plus, I am guilty of being a "typical woman" at times & don't actually ask for help! After nearly 12 years together I take for granted that he would just know what needs to be done around the house but evidently that is not the case & he needs to be told what to do (his words). I can hardly be too angry at him when I don't ask him to do things to help me.

Today I am feeling a bit more positive. A long way from being myself but at least I'm not in the deep, dark hole I was yesterday.


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