Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2012.

One of my "resolutions" (I use the term loosely!) is to try to post on my blog more often. When I first posted I was so disorganised, had mountains of ironing, stuff everywhere etc but I do feel like I've come a long way since then - mainly thanks to FlyLady - so I think it would be nice to try to keep a record of what I do as it would be something to look back on when I feel like I'm slipping to show that I am making progress.

2011 was a mixture for me. On the bad side Hubby is still off work and doesn't seem to be getting better (it will have been 2 years since he was signed off this month). On the other hand, we had our gorgeous number 2, Abby, moved to a new area, which we're already feeling much happier & more settled in, and Freya is loving her new "social life" with all of the playgroups that we go to.  Scarily she turned 3 at the beginning of December & is starting nursery on Tuesday for 15 hours a week - it will be lovely in a way to have a bit of a break as she really needs more activity and interaction than I feel she gets at home so she does tend to play up a bit, but on the other hand I think I will feel at a bit of a loss to start with!.

On the crochet note, I feel like I've been doing well with that too.  I haven't got loads of finished projects to show but I'm happy with the couple I've done, most notably my Mum's Christmas present, a Union Flag cushion to go in her bedroom.

Here's to health, happiness, more domesticity and crochet in 2012!

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