Saturday, 7 January 2012

Family Day

We've had such a busy week!  Freya started nursery on Tuesday morning so it was a real test for me to be able to get us all up, fed and ready for Freya to start at 8am. I used to work full time and be out of the house by 8am every morning but since being home I've become out of practise!  Don't get me wrong, my girls usually don't let me sleep in past 7am and I am always dressed before I come downstairs but knowing that there is a time deadline makes a huge difference.

Having 5 hours Freya-free for 3 days this week has been odd. It's been so quiet! I did miss having her around chattering about random things but I didn't miss the squabbling that usually accompanies any length of time that Abby and Freya spend playing together! I also managed to get my housework done during this time and that meant I had the afternoons to devote to playing with both of my babies.

It'll be back to the grindstone on Monday (next week my focus is going to be on my kitchen - yuk!) But for now we're enjoying our family time playing.

Have a lovely weekend.


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