Monday, 7 June 2010


Hello All!  I hope you are all well?
There has been much excitement at my Mother-in-Law's house over the past week or so (mainly just me and her getting excited but still!).  The reason for this excitement?  Babies!!!!

A friend of MIL's who breeds chickens asked if MIL's broody chicken would sit on 6 fertilised eggs that were not being sat on by any of his chickens.  After 4 weeks we have 3 baby chicks out of 6 eggs.  They're now about a week old and they now have started to grow their little wings - can you see in the photo?  Sooo cute!!!!

We have no idea what breed they are but they're cute black fluffy things with white bottoms!!

Clever Phil (short for Philimena) for keeping them so warm.  She loves them to bits, but unfortunately they have to go back to their rightful home in about 6 weeks time :-(

The chickens are ever so fascinating to watch.  Freya loves them and is not scared of them at all.  In fact, today she put a finger through the fence and we weren't quick enough to stop her.  One of the chickens thought it was food and gave her a little peck.  Freya wasn't phased one bit, she just crouched down to the chicken's eye-level, pointed at it with the other hand and gave her a good telling off!!!!!

MIL has 4 hens and a rooster.  Phil and Florence live in one side of the coop while these 3 live in the other side:

There are 2 that look like this....Molly and Polly (I haven't a clue which is which!)

and this one is Hickory. 

Molly, Polly and Hickory were only hatched before Christmas so it's been amazing to see how much they've grown and changed.  They are all very tame and like their daily cuddles (?!).  Hickory has now got his crowing down to a "t" - he can also impersonate the dogs quite well too!!!!

Anyway, enough rambling about the chickens.  I'm off to do some more crochet before bed.

Have a lovely evening.



  1. Ah, they are so sweet, keep us posted over the next few weeks.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. CUTE. I want to cuddle a baby chick too.

    It's so cool that Hickory impersonates the dog. I bet the dog's not too pleased about that!

  3. Ah they're so CUTE! I want to hold baby chicks :(

    Thank you for the heads up about SIBOL by the way, what a brilliant project, I am currently crocheting some squares for the blue and white theme!

  4. they look gorgeous!
    we're on the hunt for hens to fill a henhouse, can't wait! x

  5. They are lovely. Hope to see some updates as they grow.

  6. Oh what a great post. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos and the post!
    Well done.
    Aren't they gorgeous!
    Hugs Suex