Wednesday, 9 June 2010

10 / 4

On 10th June 2000 my husband and I first met face-to-face.  We had been speaking to eachother over the phone every day for the previous 6 months through our jobs (I worked for an Insurance Broker and Lee worked for one of the Insurance Companies that we dealt with).  Our work phone-calls progressed to exchange of personal phone numbers and email addresses and finally one day we decided to meet up in person.  As I lived in Sandhurst, Berkshire and Lee lived in Gravesend, Kent we decided to meet eachother "halfway" in London (outside his office).

We had a lovely day together and the instant attraction that we'd had over the phone intensified in "real-life", but things were complicated as I already had a boyfriend at the time.  However, when Lee dropped me off at the train station to make my journey home that afternoon I seized the moment and kissed him (before jumping out of the car and running into the station!). 

There were many a complication over the few months that followed but we finally got together in the September.  We got engaged in the December and Lee moved to Berkshire to live with me at my parents' house early in 2001.

6 years to the day after we met in person we were exchanging vows at Hempstead House in Sittingbourne.  It was a beautiful day, a full-on heat-wave and I will always remember how perfect our wedding day was.

Today, 10th June 2010, it is the 10th Anniversary of the day we met and our 4th Wedding Anniversary.  It is fair to say that the past 4 years haven't gone smoothly and that it was touch and go as to whether we would actually make it, but I truly believe that this has made us stronger as a couple.  I can honestly say that I love Lee more today than I ever have.  He is the most generous, kind and loving man you could meet and he has given me the most perfect daughter in the world. 

Since having Freya my outlook on life has changed, as you would expect I suppose, and I no longer take my marriage for granted and am trying to enjoy spending as much time with my gorgeous husband as I can.  I know that our life is not perfect, far from it in fact, but as long as we have eachother and our little family is happy and healthy then I believe that we will cope with anything that comes our way.

Happy Anniversary Lee, I love you.


  1. Ahh, Happy Anniversary to you both, lovely post.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - hope you're day is special.

  3. Hi Laura
    Lovely visiting with you :: wishing you a HAppY TeN!!! my hubby and I will be celebrating our seventeenth this autumn, amazing how the time does fly.
    Just wanted to say also that your hooky blankie is lovely, i esp like the way you arrnaged the squares, it turned out so pretty!
    have a great day

  4. me sorry i just realsied my daffy husband had logged onto my computer and so my previous comment looked like it came from was me in the Attic!

  5. What a lovely post ! Happy anniversary.
    There is a tear in my eye now !
    Have a great day

  6. Happy Anniversary! I hope you both have a lovely day.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!

    I'm far too emotional to be reading this at the moment! What a beautiful story.

  8. What a beautiful post. Very soppy!
    Happy Anniversary.

  9. Aah! Congratulations to you both. I celebrate 28 years on the 18th June.
    Beautiful story I really enjoyed reading how you both met.
    Love to you both, enjoy your day, doing anything special?
    Hugs Suex

  10. Oh how wonderful! I hope you have another 10 happy years together! And more of course! It’s nice to hear that it hasn’t all been plain sailing, makes me feel a bit more normal! It certainly isn’t always easy with my boyfriend and knowing that other people go through rough patches (and come out the other side stronger for it) is very encouraging x

  11. What a lovely emotional post - congratulations and hang in there - after 30 years I know it is soo worth it x