Monday, 31 May 2010

Blanket Reveal

Hello!  I hope you're all enjoying your Bank Holiday Weekend (UK)?

You may remember that I have been crocheting a blanket for Freya.  Well, I have finally finished it - YAY!!!!

Considering I had never crocheted anything before starting this blanket I am really pleased with it.  It is far from being perfect - I've since heard of blocking and think that this blanket would have definitely benefited as it's a bit wonky in places!  Having said that, Hubby keeps telling me that the fact that it's not perfect makes it more special as it's more "handmade".  Bless him, he knows how to make me feel better!!

Anyway, here are some photos that I took this morning........

I'm so glad to have finished this project as I've been itching to get on with something else - unfortunately I'm not one of these people who can have lots of different things on the go at once!!!

Anyway, I hope that you have a lovely rest of day.



  1. Wow, it is lovely! The colour combinations work really well.
    Well done on completing your first project.

  2. so well done you! it looks lovely xx

  3. What a lovely blanket!!! Great colours!!

  4. Oh it's lovely. Well done you. I wouldn't know where the hell to start with crochet. It looks alittle on the complicated side to me.

    I've definitely got more projects on the go than I should have. I just get so excited when I spot something new, that I just have to get going on it straight away. Though there just aren't enough craft hours in the day.

  5. Hi there!
    You've made a wonderful job of the blanket. I love it.
    The colours you've used work very well together, I'm sure you had a lot of fun making it. I really love the outside border you have done on it. It really is Lovely!
    Well done to you,
    Hugs Suex

  6. Oh my goodness it's absolutely brilliant!! You've done so well, love the idea of the bigger squares on the outside. My blanket is coming along nicely, managed to join all the squares together now so it's just a border to do to finish it off.

    Absolutely know what you mean about doing one project at a time. I've been itching to try something else crochet wise but have made myself stop and kept out of the wool shop!

  7. It looks so pretty!! I’m about to start my first granny blanket and I’m a little scared at the number of squares involved!! x

  8. I love that blanket! It looks amazing.

  9. I love your colour palette and the way you've combined different sized squares. Well done, I wouldn't believe this was your first project.