Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Garden Pretties

Hello!  I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend (UK) - apart from the rain, obviously!

I thought I'd show you some bargains that I picked up in Morrisons yesterday on my Mother-in-Law's recommendation.

Pretty tealight holders:
 Made of glass with wire and bead handles.  Here's a couple of close-ups...
They're currently half price in our local Morrisons........50p each!!  An absolute bargain!

While I was there I also picked up a couple of handmade glass citronella candles....

.....there were loads of colours to choose from and these were only £1 each.

Now to get our garden summer-ready so we can use these lovelies!!



  1. 50p ??!! I must get down there, I was going to make some but the paint would cost more than that - you did well there
    Sue x

  2. They are very pretty, I love things like this in the garden

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. Hello Doris,
    They are so pretty! Well done you had a great find there!
    ARe you enjoying blogging?
    Great isn't it?
    Lovely day here today going outside now to take some photos!
    Love to you
    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Hi Doris

    Just popped by to thank you for the lovely comment you left about the mini hexagon blanket - much appreciated - I love the blanket you are making for Freya she will love to snuggle up with that. You made the right decision about the dogs - its hard when you have to rehome - I had to with my chickens - and although you miss them in your heart you know its the right thing to do - I do sympathise! Will sign up to follow you **Kim**x

  5. yup, now we only need the sun.

    It's gone sooooo cold again... sigh.

  6. What a great bargain.

    Hope you're having fun blogging - I know I am.

    Jill x

  7. Hello Doris.....what great bargains!
    Pretty colours, I've told my friend about them, she has just painted her bedroom a pale lilac, they would be super for her room!

    Thank you for the lovely comment!xxx

  8. Thank you very much for your kind comments Doris! I really enjoy making the Blankets. But as I have said many times I wouldn't be able to do them without the help of my on line friends. You have a really pretty blog here, with beautiful photos. Carry on the good work, Love Suex

  9. Hi Doris!
    I am so glad you came by my home today!
    What a sweetie pie pumpkin little daughter you have!
    (I read the previous post about the blankie ;)
    I am fascinated by your home!
    (It's just interesting to see design and goings on in another country).
    I had to laugh at your header statement about being disorganised.
    Just to cheer you--I have been doing home making for 20 years, and just as soon as I organise one area, another gets messy.
    I think we all are doing the best we can!
    So happy to have you as a new friend--you are my new friend, now, too!
    Blessings to you and your lovely family- and you as you make your home!

  10. Ooooooooooh, lovely lanterns. I must go and investigate our local Morrisons. I love sitting outside on a warm summer evening with all the candles lit!