Sunday, 12 August 2012

Garden Fun

Despite the lack of posts from me over the past month I have been busy beavering away in the background - admittedly not the domestic-goddess-related things that I strive towards but still, busy nonetheless.

This past week has been beautiful so we spent the majority of it outside in the garden. We came back from playgroup on Thursday morning to find that Hubby had put up the bouncy castle, paddling pool & tent in the garden. The girls were beside themselves with excitement. The rest of the day was spent playing in & out of the water & just generally relaxing with the family. 

Our tent was bought the Christmas before last in the hope that we could start going camping, however with Abby being born last year & moving etc it didn't happen.  We decided we'd do a trial-run in the garden first, which is what we did on Thursday night. I'm so glad we did! Abby freaked out about being in a tent at night & sharing a bed with her sister so, after the initial hour it took for us to get her to stay in the tent without screaming there was an additional hour & a half of the girls giggling/fighting/rolling around on the air mattress before they finally fell asleep! Then I spent most of the night waking up to check on the girls &/or dog!  It was fun as a one-off but while Abby's still little I'm so glad we hadn't booked a week away!!!!

Still, I FINALLY took the opportunity to decorate the garden with pretty lanterns & tealight holders that I bought about 3 years ago & have been sitting in my cupboard ever since!  I had to go out & buy some shepherd hooks but I was thrilled to find these in Poundworld. Yep, for £1 each I got some fantastically pretty butterfly hooks that not only look fab but are also REALLY heavy & sturdy! Bargain!

The tealight holders were from Morrisons as per this previous post. My dragonfly lanterns were from Bombay Duck years ago (I think I bought these before I even fell pregnant with Freya & she'll be 4 in December!!!)

Anyway, I'm really pleased with how pretty this part of the garden is looking now. Plus, my stargazer lillies have come out & my hydrangea is looking beautiful, so all-in-all I'm quite enjoying our garden at the moment.

I hope you've been able to enjoy the weather where you are.


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