Sunday, 26 August 2012

Crochet Clothes Peg Bag

I haven't got a lot to report on the "domestic" front at the moment as I seem to be having a bit of a slump. I do, however, have lots of crochet to show - I have been busy on that front!!!

As part of The Art of Crochet magazine I have hundreds of patterns for various items from clothing to items around the house. I got fed up with carrying my pegs around in a carrier bag so I decided to use one of my patterns to make a peg bag. 

It really didn't take very long, it's the lining that was the tricky part for me.  I ended up sewing 2 hankies together, albeit very badly - I would love to be able to sew properly but I just don't have the patience! I reasoned that on this occasion no-one would see the lining anyway so I wouldn't worry about it.

I love the finished result! It looks beautiful hanging on my washing line in the sunshine!!!



  1. That is just wonderful! I do wish I could crochet but it just mystifies me...