Saturday, 25 September 2010

Eleven Days

Hello All!  How are you?

Just a very quick update today.  We have found a house and we are set to move in on Thursday 7th October!!  The move is going to take 2 days, so we vacate our current house on Wednesday 6th October.  We have spent the past few days emptying our loft and taking stuff to the tip or to local charity shops.  We now have to start boxing everything up - we only have 11 days to do it!!

I'm so excited as I feel that this is the start of a brand new chapter for us.  I hope that our lives will change for the better, especially with so much to look forward to, including another new addition in February!!

I'll come back with an update when I can, although I doubt that will be before we move.

Take Care.



  1. Oh good luck and hope all goes well....nothing better than a new chapter. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Ooooh! Good luck! Sometimes its a good thing to have a short deadline, I find it makes me get my finger out!!!!!
    I bet you are tired with the baby though, I am due in Jan and we are trying to get the house sorted. Sometimes I just want to curl up and sleep!
    Make sure you take some time to rest xxxxxx