Saturday, 29 August 2015

Time Flies

How is it that nearly two years has passed since my last post?! So much has happened in that time & I really should try to update my little slice of the internet with what I've been up to.

Most importantly, on the family front, we have a new addition - our son, Jack was born in May & has made the perfect final piece to our family puzzle. Abby is starting school next week (how did that happen?!) & I am looking forward to spending a bit of time not feeling like my attention is being pulled in so many different directions!

On a domestic note, I am still struggling with doing everything that I would like to/need to do. As always, I hope that the new school year will give me the extra motivation & opportunity to try & get into more of a routine so that I can feel like this house (that we have lived in for nearly 3 years) actually feels like a home as it doesn't at the moment.

Craft-wise, I have made so many things & have even added to my "skills" by taking up sewing. I started a patchwork & quilting course over a year ago & have loved every minute. I am really proud of the things I have made & I would like to update my blog with the things I have accomplished, really for my own record so that I can look back & remember what I have achieved.  I find myself flitting between sewing, crochet & knitting (depending on my mood).

One of my many to-do tasks is to catalogue my makes on here & I will try to get this done over the next few weeks as we settle back in to a school routine & I get a bit more time to myself.

Until then!


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