Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I'm trying to get our garden looking lovely but the weather isn't really helping at the moment!!!

We were given an orchid by some friends last year when they came to stay with us on the weekend of the Royal Wedding. I haven't really done a lot with it so was really surprised when a beautiful pink flower appeared!

We also have a rose in our garden that we got as part of our wedding flowers 6 years ago.  We had these exact roses at our wedding & we got the florist to make up 3 pots, one for each of our Mums & also one for us. The rose is called Once in a Blue Moon &, although we have had buds & flowers before, this is the first year that the rose & colour has actually resembled those lilac roses that were present at our wedding.

I've also been planting lobelia and geraniums, which I have in abundance thanks to my Mother-in-Law planting about 600 seeds!! I'm also pleased that my hydrangea is returning this year (another flower that we had at our wedding), although when I bought it last year it was a mixture of blue, purple & pink flowers whereas it looks like it might just be pink this year, but will still look wonderful, I'm sure!

With the rain & a poorly household this week I think the garden is going to have to wait, but fingers crossed I'll get round to it soon.


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