Saturday, 30 June 2012


I've been awful lately with this blog!  So much for my new-year resolution!!

We went on holiday at the end of May to Fuerteventura. We went with my parents for a week & had a lovely time.  We hadn't really had a holiday since our honeymoon in 2006 so it was a well-needed break. I would really recommend it if you're looking for somewhere warm to go but don't like the heat. Although the temperature was high, there was a constant breeze to cool you down so at no point did any of us feel like we were sweltering!

We took the girls to a massive safari park/zoo, Oasis Park on one of the days, which was amazing. On top of the usual animals, monkeys, wild cats, hippos etc we saw a few of the shows. The sea lion show was fantastic & they actually brought a HUGE sea lion out into the crowd. We also saw a parrot show where they had lots of different parrots doing various tricks (very clever).

The best show for me though was the reptile show - mainly because Hubby was picked out of the crowd to participate, along with 3 other people.  Hubby actually volunteered but the others were picked out of the crowd and were obviously petrified at the thought of getting any closer to the 3 crocodiles that were swimming around in front of us! They were taken into the enclosure/stage under the impression that they were going to help feed the crocodiles. The keepers had them all line up & had a fantastic way of winding up the nervous ones to make them more scared - it was hilarious when one of the keepers crept up behind one man & pinched the back of his knee & made this poor man jump out of his skin!!!  I'm cruel, I know but it was funny. In the end they didn't have to go near the crocodiles & instead were presented with this massive python that was lifted from out of a box behind them all, over their heads & straight into their unsuspecting hands - again, a very funny moment!

The Oasis Park was a lovely day out but it was sooo hot! It was in the middle of a desert almost, so there was not a lot of breeze.

We also spent a morning visiting the sand dunes & chilled out on the beach. The girls absolutely loved paddling in the sea (first time ever for both of them) & it was fabulous to watch them having so much fun.

To be honest, we didn't really venture that far from the hotel too much more as we were happy chilling out by the pool.  Our hotel, Hotel Suite Atlantis, was in the northern part of the island, Corralejo.  Despite some initial problems when we first arrived with checking in, I really liked it. There were a few pools, one of which was directly ouside our room & was never very busy. The girls had their first swim on holiday & they really enjoyed it. The pool was not heated so it was very cold when we first got in & the girls didn't like it at all, but by the end of the week they were loving the water!

All in all, we had a really lovely week - it's a shame that our week away coincided with the week of gorgeous weather in the UK so we came back to the rubbish weather!

I've got a couple of photos but our laptop died this week before we had backed up our videos & photos - grrrrrr!


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