Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Big Changes Afoot.......

Oh my goodness!  Where have I been?  I have neglected my little blog of late, for which I can only apologise.  How are you?  Keeping well, I hope?

I mentioned in my last post that there was lots to catch up on and this is definitely true.  I think this will be in the form of a couple of posts - hey, at least I can rack up my blog post numbers ;-)

Firstly, I'll get the chick update out of the way - they have now been given back to their rightful owner.  Phil (acting "mum") was ever so distressed and spent a whole day looking for her babies and crying for them, which upset my Mother-In-Law a little - she's very attached to all of her animals so doesn't like to see them unhappy.  When they were taken "home" it was established that all three of the little chicks are actually male, so it looks like the breeder is going to sell them as he has no need for more cockerels.  We found this such a shame when we found out as it felt a bit like all of the hard work was unappreciated - the breeder declared that they were "no good" when they arrived back (I suppose that's the difference between people who keep animals as pets and those who have them as their livelihood).  Oh well, not really much that can be done now!

Anyway, on to part 1 of the "big news".  After much deliberation we have decided to move house.  Our house is officially on the market, which is VERY scary stuff!  This is our first house and we've lived here for seven years so, although we feel it's definitely time for a change, it's a very daunting prospect.  A prospect made even more daunting by the fact that we're not staying local.  Oh no, we're not ones to do things by halves, we're actually packing up and moving to the other side of the country (nearly!) - South Yorkshire.  Hubby's brother and wife live up there and his parents are also selling up to "retire" in a more rural location.  We talked and talked and talked about it and decided to go for it.  We don't want to have to pull Freya out of school in a few years time so why not do it now?  We have nothing particularly holding us in Kent, especially if the In-Laws are also moving away.

We're really excited about it, although also very apprehensive as it means starting again completely - new home, new job etc.  Hubby is especially looking forward to a fresh start - even though I am extremely concerned that all of this is going to add to his already high stress  levels, he insists that this is just what he needs.  I hope so.  I hope we're doing the right thing.

I wonder has anybody else done something similar?  I would love to hear your stories - please make me feel better about such a major upheaval with very few plans for the future?!!!

I'll come back with "big news part 2" soon.



  1. Definitely I fantastic and exciting thing to do. No we haven't done it...and yes your doing it at the right age. Our children have all flown and families of their own now....hubby and I would love to move down to Crewkerne West Country but and its a big but if we could take daughter sil and twin Grandbubs with us, thats what keeps us rooted here.

  2. It's nice to have you back blogging again.

    What exciting news - major changes for your whole family.

    We moved from York last May and I really, really miss it. We're originally from Nottm, but Yorkshire is such a beautiful, friendly place that we fell in love with this part of the world and I'm sure you will too.

  3. Woah that is a big change!! Hope everything goes well with the move - and hurray for coming to Yorkshire. It's obviously the best of all the counties :)

  4. Hey welcome back ! Good for you having a move,
    will look foward to hearing all the developments. I moved around a bit as a young child but now settled here (I think !)
    Sue x

  5. Big news!!!! Congratulations on the up coming move! Best of luck :)
    I know I haven't written for ages! still back on track now and can't wait!

  6. My goodness you have a lot of new news!
    I do hope everything goes well for you.
    Let us know..Keep us informed!
    Hugs Suex

  7. Oh wow great news! Sounds scary but also very exciting, good luck with it all!