Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Hi there.  I hope you are all well?

Today has been a strange day.  After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we made a decision yesterday but neither of us had really thought that the final result would come so quickly.  We think that we've done the right thing for everybody but there's always that small "niggle" in the back of your mind isn't there?

When we brought them home we knew that they were going to be hard work, but we hadn't realised just how hard it would be.  They had far more energy than either of us had imagined.  With Freya to look after I was finding it increasingly difficult to look after them the way they needed to be looked after - they needed to get out of the house a LOT more than they were.  Hubby has been signed off work since the middle of January due to anxiety/depression and he also has not been able to give them all of the attention they needed.

An advert was placed online yesterday morning:  Two 14month old Springer Spaniel bitches need to be rehomed with a family who will be able to give them the exercise and attention they deserve.  They must not be separated as they are inseparable.....

The phone rang at 6pm yesterday evening and some people arrived at 7.30pm to meet our pups.  The family seemed very nice and own a 20 acre farm with horses, pigs, cows etc....plenty of space for the dogs to run around without being able to escape.  Their jack russell currently goes everywhere with his owner and the idea was for Poppy and Holly to do the same.

So last night we waved goodbye to our pups as they were taken to their new life in Horsham.  I believe that this lifestyle would suit their characters more and would enable them to put their excess energy to good use.

The new owners said that they would email us pictures to let us know how they're getting on - I really hope they do and that they look after these loving dogs as they deserve to be looked after.



  1. Oh what a shame, I'm sure though that the pups will have a lovely life down on the farm, all that space to run around in.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Sometimes doing what is best is a better way to show love. Poppy and Holly will have a lovely life on a farm with all that energy to use up!
    I hope you are ok and don't feel too sad!

  3. Oh dont worry, they will be fine
    Take care
    Sue x

  4. A bit sad for you - it must feel odd without them. But it sounds like the perfect place for a pair of Springers - they'll have a great time.

  5. Oh my, I was looking forward to catching up with your blog after having been away, but I wasn’t expecting a post like that! You must feel so sad, but at least you found a good home for them – so sorry to hear you felt you couldn’t take care of them – hope your husband gets better soon too x